PYRAN PLATINUM is the largest fire-rated glass ceramic in the industry


We think PYRAN® Platinum is simply the best fire-protective glass available. It is made on a next generation float production line that makes a very high quality premium glass-ceramic in the industry’s largest sizes. Many people think it looks better than traditional rolled products like Firelite® that may require corrective grinding and polishing. Where Firelite® is yellow-brown in color, PYRAN® Platinum has a hint of grey/green like regular glass. And Glassopolis has great pricing on PYRAN® Platinum. In terms of optical quality, color and price, you can’t beat PYRAN® Platinum from Glassopolis.


PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glazing material is made from a transparent glass-ceramic with a thickness of 3/16” (5mm). It is intended for use in non-impact, safety-rated locations such as transoms and windows with fire-rating requirements up to 90 minutes. It is available in impact-safety rated versions as well, PYRAN Platinum L is a laminated version and  PYRAN Platinum F is a filmed version.




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USGlass Magazine’s fire-rated Product of the Year

  • UL Labeled up to 90 minutes (up to 3 hours in doors) with required hose stream test
  • Available with impact-safety rating to ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 (Cat. I and II)
  • Not yellow-brown like other glass-ceramics
  • The only eco-certified fire-rated product – made without arsenic and other toxins


This is the high quality fire-rated glass-ceramic. Where other fire-rated glass-ceramics are yellow-brown and need to be ‘polished’, SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum has a hint of grey/green more like regular glass and requires no corrective grinding and polishing.